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Saturday Morning Recap: Vol. 25

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Remember when Saturday mornings were worth getting up for? While we can’t provide a four-hour block of programming, here’s some retro news you may have missed (or simply want to revisit) from the past week.

Saturday Morning Programming:

While it’s not a cartoon, it did air on Saturday mornings and you did love it. And were heartbroken when it wasn’t on anymore and didn’t quite understand why going to a movie theatre was so bad anyway. What even happened?!

Land of Resurrected Beverages:

Surge is back! and not just in Pog form, either!

Land of Movie-themed Donuts:


Someone must have received our letters, because Krispy Kreme announced two new marshmallow Kreme-filled Ghostbuster donuts!

A Wild Bill Murray Appears!:

Bill Murray continues being the best at everything.



Remember that time we saw that awesome Deadpool movie test clip and the Internet was like “YES. JUST YES.” and then the studio was all, “No, eff you.”? Well, shit just got real. Deadpool is set to hit theatres on February 12, 2016.

Will Ferrell says they’re doing a Zoolander 2 script read-through soon and suddenly I find my black lung is cured!



SNL alumn Darrell Hammond is returning to SNL, this time as the announcer, to take over for the late Don Pardo. We just hope this means more Donald Trump.

In Case You Missed It:


Since Lee looked at Coke last week, Linz looks at 7 Unexpected Celebrity Pepsi endorsements this week.

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