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Saturday Morning Recap: Vol. 32

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Remember when Saturday mornings were worth getting up for? While we can’t provide a four-hour block of programming, here’s some retro news you may have missed (or simply want to revisit) from the past week.

Saturday Morning Programming:

Mighty Max. It’s the classic tale of a boy with a magical hat who meets an anthropomorphic bird-like creature and a really muscular dude who travels through portals and also exists primarily to promote a toy line. This is one of those shows you watched before school.

Video Games:


Remember that time you were really super productive? Well, maybe that’s never happened before, but it’s sure as hell ain’t gonna happen now, since the Internet Archive now lets you play 900+ arcade games in your browser. Damn.

Nintendo Announces Zelda: Majora’s Mask Remake For 3DS, so in spring 2015, you’ll be able to play it on the go!



Marvel is teasing a comeback of the early 90s X-Men team.  Awwwwwwwww yeah.


Legendary music duo Sparks (who seem to be aiming for world’s longest running rock group) are back in the studio. Their official Facebook page hints at a collaboration with Franz Ferdinand. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes.  There’s also a 40th anniversary edition of their Kimono My House album being released December 15, 2014 to coincide with some special live performances of the album in London.



The cast and director of ‘Ghostbusters’ reunite on Today for 30th anniversary, and they’re on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Daaaaamn! Of course, we’re missing one very important Ghostbuster. R.I.P. Harold Ramis:(  Check out this insightful article from Ernie Hudson, as well.

In Case You Missed It:


Linz started out the week with indigestion after Recreating Recipes from her Favorite Childhood Cookbook.


We then took a revisited some Drink Mix Nostalgia on the Pop Rewind Podcast (now on iTunes!)



As always, Rediscover the 80s delivers an awesome array of Weekly Links!

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