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Saturday Morning Recap: Vol. 35

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Remember when Saturday mornings were worth getting up for? While we can’t provide a four-hour block of programming, here’s some retro news you may have missed (or simply want to revisit) from the past week.

Saturday Morning Programming:

We’re still busy playing Super Smash Bros., so here’s a Super Mario World cartoon to entertain you this morning!



New images from the Goosebumps movie are up, so be sure to check that out!

As it turns out, Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark. The trailer for Jurassic World was released on Tuesday and woefully there is no Goldblum.

The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here!

Music or Documentaries or Documentaries About Musicians:


HBO Announces First Fully-Authorized Kurt Cobain Documentary Montage Of Heck, Exec Produced By Frances Bean, slated to air sometime in 2015. Maybe we’ll finally get to hear that Ren & Stimpy theme song that Cobain wrote.

Television Shows About Dancing (including Dancing that Appeared in Former Television Shows):

Alfonso Ribeiro wins Dancing with the Stars! Normally we wouldn’t care about this, but it gives us another excuse to link to him doing the Carlton.



Funko fans! Next year you’ll be able to add Garbage Pail Kid figures to your shelves! (Photo courtesy Half-Assed Productions.



Artwork from the new Jem comic series, coming in March, has leaked!

In Case You Missed It:


Linz traveled back in time to 1999, uncovering the Super Smash Bros.’ of an Internet age long ago.


Lee uncovers a Paul McCarney X-Men song. Whaaaaat!

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