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Small Wonder Big News

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It’s 2013, which means movie studios have officially been out of original ideas for a while now.  It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone that there is another sitcom-gone-movie in the works and we here at Pop Rewind caught wind of the latest Hollywood catastrophe blockbuster in development…





Yes, that’s right, all your favorite characters from the loveable 1980s sitcom are going to be adapted for the silver screen summer 2015.  No official casting decisions have been made, yet, but one can’t help but wonder (see what I did there?) if Tiffany Brissette will make at least some kind of cameo.  Perhaps, she could turn the tables a bit and play the role of the nosy neighbor.

Rumor has it that several big shot directors are already taking interest in this project, from Kevin Smith to Spike Jonze.  I can only imagine how different the movie would be from each director.



Only time will tell if the project ever takes off, but it’s at least on some executive’s radar.

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