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Strange Brew Book

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A must for any book collector– a beer-shaped book!


Back in 1983, Bob and Doug McKenzie of Strange Brew and SCTV fame were all the rage. Those kooky Canadians, striving to hit all the CRTC requirements, were a hit with Canadians and Americans alike. Besides a cult hit movie, Bob and Doug also put forth a beer-shaped book full of their antics.


I bought this off eBay ages ago, back when I was into collecting all things Rick Moranis-related. The book is amusing, but not a must-have. It’s chock-full of comics, puzzles, stills from Strange Brew, and basically all that is good about Bob and Doug-style humor. But, if I had to choose between their album (The Great White North) and this, I’d definitely choose the album.


The book also comes with a built-in library card. Glad to see Margaret Atwood and Bobby Hull know their Canadian literature so well.

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