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Take5 Chocolate Bars, The Mask, and Smuggling

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We gave Take 5 a shout-out last year in our 8 Chocolate Bars We Wish Were Still Around article. Take 5 never left the U.S., but its Canadian counterpart, Max 5, left my home and native land long ago.

Take 5 was re-branded to Take5 recently, going from this:


To this:


Oooh, ahhh. And for those of you that are into ingredients: yes, Take5 contains chocolate again.


Click to embiggen.

The new branding is sleek and gives off almost a Halloween vibe, which we can dig. Somehow, it looks familiar…


Well, damn. There’s worse movies to have a similar logo to, I guess.


See, completely different green there.

Selfishly, I bring up The Mask whenever I can because I’m both fascinated and horrified by these early designs for The Mask. Can you even imagine Jim Carrey looking like that? It’d be more nightmare-inducing than The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.

Moving on…


How does it taste? Fucking delicious. I stand by my original description of Take 5/Max 5: “Overall, this confection was kind of like letting your little brother go into the kitchen unsupervised. Little Billy starts using the stove, melting chocolate, and throwing in everything in sight—pretzels, caramel, peanuts, and peanut butter”. Now, if only the marshmallow variety would make a comeback. Hint hint.

The bad news for Canadians looking for a Max5 re-brand in stores– you’re out of luck, this is U.S. only. If you’re headed stateside, this is definitely something you’ll want to smuggle back with you (shhh, don’t act like you’re better than me, I grew up in a border city, we all did it).

Thanks to Take5 for sending some chocolate bars our way!

What was your favorite Take 5/Max 5 variety?

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