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Terminator Meets School House Rock

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I had only seen about five minutes of a Terminator movie as a kid. That didn’t stop me from ending up with a few T2 toys somewhere along the way. I had half-Arnold/half-skeleton, Arnold with exploding arms, and the robo skeleton. My favorite by far, however, was the John Connor figure because he looked like an ordinary person and his accessory was an Excitebike! Toys like this were a major score back in the day because you could use the generic people with any other figures and you bet your sweet mutated DNA that Wolverine went for many rides on that motorbike during his tenure in my childhood.

In my adolescence, I never fully understood the metaphors in educational programming. School House Rock, in particular, was a mainstream message totally lost on me. My age was in the double digits before I realize Conjunction Junction wasn’t actually about trains. Oops.

With that explanation up front, you may find this news a little easier to understand. See, even though I didn’t get the point of School House Rock tunes, I thought they were ridiculously catchy songs and would sing them constantly. And now you’re still wondering how Terminator and School House Rock crossed paths in my childhood. Well, that’s all thanks to the song “Body Machine”.

“I’m a machine, you’re a machine, everybody that you know, you know they are machines.” I couldn’t stop singing it. And when I ended up at some my-mom’s-friend’s-kid playdate and found his collection of Terminator toys, I couldn’t help myself. I would move John Connor into my line of site and sing “I’m a machine”, then the half-Arnold for “You’re a machine”, then I’d giggle myself silly and add the motorcycle with the Endoskeleton on it for “Everybody that you know, you know they are machines.”

Needless to say, I wasn’t invited back for round two of a playdate at that household.

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