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The Argument for a Combos Dip

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Pepperoni Pizza Combos (or Pizzeria Pretzel as we have now) are some tasty little bites. Combos were always a prime snack for me. A pack of Combos and a Slurpee from 7-11 were a weekly treat (ok, daily back in high school when my metabolism was bangin’).

When I was younger, I used to love eating Combos in the shower. They were the perfect snack when you had to take care of hygiene but were also hungry. They held up well and didn’t get too gross. Good on you, Combos!


If you’ve caught my tweets to Combos on Twitter, you may notice I bug them from time to time. You see, Combos are great and all, but sometimes the pretzel to filling ratio is a little off. I’d always bite off the pretzel shell and enjoy pure filling as a reward for my pretzel-eating. What if Combos sold the filling (specifically Pizzeria Pretzel and I’d suggest Nacho Cheese but looks like they don’t make those anymore?!) as a dip? You can then have the perfect pretzel/cracker to filling ratio. Or perfect “eating the filling right from the jar” ratio, let’s be honest.

Sure there’s cheese dips at the grocery store and I’m sure you could make your own if you were so inclined (I am not), but imagine popping off that lid and diving into the deliciousness that is Combos filling, without those pesky carbs.

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