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The Last Image I Made In Windows 98

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Way, way, way, way back in the day, Linz and I had another website that was comic-based and featured other random silliness.  This was so long ago that I didn’t have Photoshop, instead I was using Adobe Photo Deluxe, which the main selling point was that it could put your face on funny money.  Seriously.  Somehow, though, between Photo Deluxe and manually trimming pixels in Windows Paint, I was able to do some very rudimentary image manipulation.  It would take all day to cut images apart and another day to merge things.

Well, the day came when I pressed my Windows 98 computer a little too hard with all that Photo Deluxin’!  The last image I ever made on that computer before it fatally crashed resulted in the following:

terminatorlawnmowerUnfinished, but perhaps that’s the charm.

I guess in this case the machines did, in fact, take over.  *mic drop*


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