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Ahh! Robots!!!

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Robots are an interesting creation.  They can be very helpful, they look cool, but they can also be very weird or extremely scary.  This week’s assignment from The League of Extraordinary Bloggers was simply “Robots”.  So, we’re running with it!

Linz – Small Wonder

Don’t let the intro fool you, there was zero chemistry on this show.

Robot maids were all the rage in days of nostalgia, but something that never really came to fruition. That was until 1985 when Ted Lawson created Vicki (or V.I.C.I.—Voice Input Child Indenticant).

Vicki was both fantastic and maid of plastic. She lived with the Lawsons, in a cupboard (Harry Potter style), and the family tried passing her off as their niece. A niece no one had ever seen before and that dresses like a maid at all times. This is some freaky stuff right there. No neighbors called the authorities? These are some serious red flags!


The best part about Small Wonder was watching Vicki try to act human. Simple things such as winking or lifting her father were always exaggerated.

wtf-small-wonder-familyThe family that dresses in fetish maid costumes together… stays together?

Vicki ended her television tenure in 1989 and the actress that played her (Tiffany Brissette) now works as a nurse in Colorado. Can you imagine having Vicki setting you up with more morphine? And then talking to you in that robot voice?!

small-wonder-smoking-is-coolWOW. SMOKING IS COOL.

As awful as the show was (in a good-awful way), I watched it religiously as a child. I didn’t realize it managed to last four seasons, which is quite the feat if you’ve ever watched it. It did leave me convinced that I needed to be plugged into the wall to re-charge at the end of the day, but luckily my parents supervised me just enough to ensure I didn’t stick a finger into an electric socket.

Lee – Bill and Ted Bots

When people bring up Bill and Ted, they always reference the first movie.  You know, the one with Lincoln and Socrates.  It’s never Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.



I saw the sequel first, so it’s the more memorable film to me.  It also has two exclusive characters that most people seem to forget: Evil Bill and Evil Ted.

In case you’ve forgotten the premise, the movie’s bad guy of the future sends two robot clones to the present to prevent Bill and Ted from becoming rock stars.  As it turns out, these robots are bad news.  Not because they’re evil, not because they throw Bill and Ted off a cliff, but because they can peel their faces off through their mouths.



After a long drawn out battle of the board games with the grim reaper, Bill and Ted escape Hell to build their own scary robots to destroy the evil ones.


Believe it or not, these are the good guys!

It’s a movie full of robots that gets overlooked in Netflix’s “80s Movies With Robots And George Carlin” genre, but it’s not one I’ll ever forget.  Mainly due to the face peeling thing.  Seriously, just look at it one more time:


 Nightmare.  Still.

Fun Robot Fact!

Did you know the word robot has at least once been pronounced as “ro-bit”?  It’s true!  Enjoy this 1940 film featuring Roll-Oh the “robit”:

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