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Christmas Wish Lists

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It’s been a few weeks, so we thought we’d better check in with The League of Extraordinary Bloggers and pull our weight. This week’s assignment is “What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?” Since we’re adults (allegedly) with little impulse control (this part is fact), we just buy all the fun gadgets we want throughout the year for the most part. Our holiday wish lists this year are comprised mostly of socks and groceries.

So, we did what any rational person would do—we time traveled back to 1991 to re-experience the awesomeness of what was on our wish lists back when it mattered.


The year was 1991:  What do you think I begged my parents — I mean, Santa — to deliver?  That’s right, a Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  I was already blown away by the regular Nintendo Entertainment System I received in 1989, so my mind could barely fathom that there was a super version of that.

Nintendo didn’t really permit you to want other forms of entertainment.
I ended up with a Game Boy and a Super Mario 3 holiday sweater instead that year, so I wasn’t exactly complaining. By the time I owned a Super Nintendo, the game library had already expanded to feature some excellent titles.  Compared to the original five cartridges released on launch date, classics such as A Link to the Past and the ever-challenging Paperboy 2 existed twelve months later.

turtlesintime_001Turtles in Time was my introduction to the 16-bit world.

Since the SNES delivered on its promise of amazing graphics and game play, I tried the same parent-begging logic a few years later with the impending release of Nintendo (Ultra) 64.  I made a pretty strong case for purchase, including comparing the internal processor and memory to our home computer.  When the system finally came out, I was a little disappointed with the direction video games were taking and lost interest.  That said, I was only mildly disappointed when I received Sonic 3D Blast for Sega Genesis that holiday season.


1991-barbiesDamn I’m jealous of Barbie’s style!

I don’t really talk about Barbies much on here for fear of losing my street cred, but truth be told: I was a big fan. Upstairs at my parents’ house, I had a whole Barbie room. I had a Dream House plus three homemade houses consisting of appliance boxes and magazine cut-outs (they were big pimpin’, let me tell you). I probably had 50 or so dolls, tons of play sets, furniture, accessories… it was a problem. I’m almost thankful that no pictures of this exist, but at the same time I’m also a little sad that I never took photos. It was majestic.

In any case, it shouldn’t surprise you to know my Christmas list was comprised mostly of Barbies. Going through a list of ones that came out in 1991, I can confirm that Santa brought me Ski Fun Midge, Lights & Lace Teresa, and Teen Scene Jazzie that year.

Eff the adult world.
To redeem myself to you non-Barbie fans, my big gift that year was the Game Boy. Oh how I loved (and still love) that thing. It came with Tetris and Super Mario Land. I could play through Super Mario Land without even thinking about it and how bootleg it seemed.


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  • Getting a game system (any one) for Christmas was the most exhilarating thing as a kid. I still have a home video of me opening up the Sega Genesis from my Grandmother and grinning ear to ear before running upstairs to my bedroom to set it up.

  • I remember in 1990 or 1991, the Christmas/birthday gift (they were often combined by relatives since my birthday was 2 days after) that I was most excited for was this little Barbie washing machine. It was a front loading one and you could put clothes in it and see the water tumbling around (they didn’t actually get wet, it was just an effect in the door.) I don’t know why I liked it so much, but that was my favourite for some reason. After much searching, I found it on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/BARBIE-Vintage-Pink-Sparkles-Washer-Dryer-/261347247228?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cd982847c I totally had that bathtub on the back of the box too! I used to spray my sister with the showerhead.

  • What a great piece of home video to have! I got my Sega Genesis after passing fourth grade… I guess my parents didn’t have much faith in my book smarts then… (Linz)

  • I totally had that washer/dryer set! I was fascinated with the washing machine part and would always tumble Barbie’s underwear in there. I still have it somewhere, still at my parents’ house I’m sure! (Linz)

  • That’s sort of the same reason I have a Game Gear.  We had a report card deal worked out on whether or not I would get the core system (straight Bs), system with one game (As and Bs), or the super deluxe system kit that came with two games and a case (straight As).  I never worked so hard in my life to get straight As.

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