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In this week’s League of Extraordinary Bloggers’ assignment, we’re asked to tell a bit about ourselves. The timing is excellent, as we just expanded our About section to actually include information about ourselves over the weekend.

First of all, there are two of us here: Lee and Linz. That probably gets weird on Twitter since we both use it. Lee talks more about roller coasters, and Linz comments on blogs and tweets about Rick Moranis. You’ll get the hang of it. Luckily, outside of the roller coaster and Rick Moranis thing, Lee and Linz are pretty indistinguishable.

knowthem01Know your webmaster.

We’ve written briefly about our friendship on the site before—we met online thanks to a nerdy “Weird Al” merch exchange in 1997 and kept talking to each other. Other friends came and went from our lives, but we still emailed, chatted on AIM, and ran over our AOL minutes. In 2002, we met in person and it’s just been even more wacky fun since then.

vhs-tape-collectionThis box of tapes is the reason we know each other.

While we live in different countries, we manage to see each other occasionally where we annoy everyone else by cramming a full year of friendship into five days. This has included classic moments such as thrift shopping for a Sega Pico, watching a live DEVO cover band, going on a Ghostbusters outing and making reservations under the name Egon Spengler, ordering a pizza and attempting to beat Moonwalker for the Genesis, and passing out watching our embarrassingly large “Weird Al” video collection—things other people just don’t understand.

Pop Rewind itself started as Soap in the Bathroom in 1999. Neither of us remembers much about the origins there, but it ran as a regular web comic for a few years before school took over our lives. After a few years of the site collecting virtual dust, Lee had the idea of resurrecting Soap as a pop culture site. A year later, we decided a name change would help people find us, so Pop Rewind was born.

There were a lot of jokes about E.T. on Soap in the Bathroom, years before the Angry Video Game Nerd movie was written. Not that we’re bitter! (click to enlarge)

Linz would also make fun of Lee. Like, a lot. (click to enlarge)

As you can tell, neither of us have let go of the 80s or 90s and that isn’t changing anytime soon!

So who else is in this League, anyway?

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  • I love the story of how you two became friends. I think it is so cool. Ya’ll have a lot of fun and it shows. Plus, how cool is Rick Moranis? I adore him. Keep doin what ya’ll do!

  • Awesome story guys! I dig the comics and how your website developed. Keep up the excellent work.

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