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My Latest Obsession: Orange Drink

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As you can tell from our many Obsession of the Day posts, we tend to have a lot of obsessions over here. When discussing the League post, we came to one ultimate conclusion: McDonald’s Orange Drink.

Our obsessions run deeply, passionately, but also fleetingly around these parts. The cycle goes thusly: one of us comes across something random. That person starts looking up the subject online, usually very late at night. They then message the other with about a dozen emails pertaining to the subject. Other person wakes up in the morning, groggy and already immersed in this obsession and begins looking up more things online. That afternoon consists of tearing apart their houses in hopes of finding random tidbits of info on new obsession. Both use rent money to buy all the things on eBay. Next day: regret and credit card debt. Repeat with new obsession a couple days later. This is how we ended up with Home Alone: The Board Game, a Goblin Burger sign, and a collection of Sweet Secrets.  It ain’t pretty.


But back to the obsession we have right now: McDonald’s Orange Drink. For those of you who have not had the experience of McDonald’s Orange Drink, it was a non-carbonated beverage that legally cannot be called juice. Its color of florescent orange, a hue not found in nature, looks borderline radioactive. With a nutritional value of zero, of course this stuff was tasty when you were a kid.  Nothing washed down those chicken nuggets better than a cool, refreshing cup of “Orange Drink”.

24582_110617072311664_2087434_nPhoto Courtesy: Bring Back McDonald’s Orange Drink Facebook.

Many people fondly remember Orange Drink as it was ordered with their Happy Meals, or more likely– at outdoor school or sports events of the low budget variety. Getting to the refreshment area and seeing that large red cooler with paper cups filled with orange goodness surrounding it was sugary bliss.  You know how people pour Gatorade on the coach after a winning game?  Well, no one dared to do that with the orange drink.  If you were a kid in one of those anti-McDonald’s families, you probably only had orange drink at soccer and baseball games.  To you, orange drink memories probably come with a sprinkling of wet grass and crumbly clay.


Sadly, a few years ago the original McDonald’s orange drink was replaced with Hi-C Orange Lavaburst in the U.S. and Fruitopia Orange Groove in Canada. Arguments abound online, as they often do, as to whether or not the Hi-C or Fruitopia bastardizations of McDonald’s Orange Drink taste like the original or not.  We will leave that taste decision up to you.

orangedrinkebay_001 All good obsessions end here…

Remember those McDonald’s food Transformers toys from the 80s?  The drink was probably supposed to be a milkshake, but we like to pretend it was really a transmogrified wax cup of the orange stuff.


While the original orange drink is gone, it is not forgotten. Your organization (or household… let’s be honest here) can still score a cooler full or that orange drink from local McDonald’s. This random one we found through magical Internet powers certainly advertises it.  Play along at home by web searching “McDonald’s Orange Drink”, where you can likely find one in your area. There’s even a petition to get Orange Drink back at McDonald’s, because that’s how you get shit done.

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