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The Deserted Island Question

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Here we are again with another League of Extraordinary Bloggers post! This week’s assignment—You are stranded for 10 years on a deserted island. You can take with you the following: one food item (in a never-ending supply), one movie, one game, and one pop culture character.

Since we’re largely the same person, we agreed on quite a few of these things right off the bat.

One food item (in a never-ending supply): Tacos

Wow, I miss those old Taco Bell colors!
I don’t know if that’s cheating because of the number of delicious items you can cram into a taco (this is starting to sound dirty), but we’re going with it. Tacos are the foods of the gods.

One movie: Back to the Future or Ghostbusters

I could get behind this movie.
Here is where the disagreement arises. Lee would go with Back to the Future and Linz would go with Ghostbusters (or Terminator). It’s a toss up. Maybe Ghostbusters for the comedic relief and the added bonus of Rick Moranis and Harold Ramis.

One game: Sonic 1 or Monster Party

Or a game with a built-in system!
Another split, as Linz goes for Sonic and Lee for Monster Party. The key here is a game that is re-playable, fun, and that you never get tired of. We’ve had those games around since the 1990s and still aren’t sick of them, so it’s a pretty safe bet. Lee is keen on Monster Party so he could use those 10 years to finally memorize the maze to level 6. Of course, this calls for one game, but no console, so maybe we’ll go with a Tiger LCD game instead. Can we get a never-ending supply of batteries?

One pop culture character: Gandhi from Clone High

Ten years on a deserted island is a long time, and you’re definitely going to want to be stuck with someone that will keep you entertained and that won’t eat you if they get tired of tacos.
The character from Clone High was controversial in its day, offending those of Indian descent. To MTV’s credit, they did apologize, sort of. They basically shrugged it off saying it was made for an American audience and they assumed no one else would see it. Oh, the Internet. How you’ve ruined us all.


Who would you pick? Here are some posts from fellow League members about what they’d go with:

Retro Toy Safari is spot on with Chili Cheese Burritos and Tetris!

The 30is Year Old Boy’s picks include pizza and Batman. Sounds like a stellar first date to me!

Nerd Rage Against The Machine picks an excellent companion for his deserted island trek

Rediscover the 80s has an awesome lineup with Ghostbusters and Mr. T among others!

Diary of a Dorkette wins ultimate extra bonus points for her creative photos on this one!

Cool and Collected, home of The League, picks King Kong (didn’t see that coming…;)) and a Firehouse sub. Sandwiches are freaking fantastic!

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