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The Pop Rewind Christmas Tree

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When I got my very own Christmas tree three Christmases ago, I had no ornaments. I wasn’t keen on going out and buying a ton of them and I’m really not the type to have a “themed” tree, you know, like one of those super gorgeous trees where all the bulbs match and it looks all sophisticated and elegant—things that I am not. I figured throughout the years I’d amass a ton of my own ornaments.

xmas-2013-tree-darkMy Christmas tree is in my kitchen, so you get a look at my obligatory bag of bags. Deal with it.

Three years later and I have a decent amount of ornaments, many of which are fitting for Pop Rewind, so I decided to share my Christmas tree with you. Please feel free to leave a comment with photos of your tree and other decorations!

xmas-2013-mario-perlerIt ain’t no Tanooki suit, but it’s still pretty sweet.

Being a classic gaming enthusiast, I have quite a few classing gaming ornaments. This is a perler bead Santa Mario I purchased from pixelplus on Etsy.

xmas-2013-game-controllersWait, PlayStation isn’t classic, is it? God I’m old.

These classic gaming controllers are from ThinkGeek and are surprisingly heavy. I was expecting lightweight plastic, but these are resin, which it states in the description, but who reads that shit? (Spoiler: not me).

xmas-2013-doctor-whoCEL-E-BRATE… the holidays.

Also from ThinkGeek: a Dalek and Sexy–oh… the TARDIS.

I got really into painting my own ornaments—these are all dollar store ornaments done with acrylic paints:

xmas-2013-mr-ms-pacmanMy favorite is Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.

xmas-2013-kirbyHere we have Kirby. He tries to eat all the other ornaments and it just turns out poorly. Much like this caption.

xmas-2013-nintendo-stuffAnd some more Nintendo ones—Chain Chomp, Shy Guy, and Bob-omb. I wish Sega characters leant themselves better to be round ornaments.

xmas-2013-pokeballAnd the obligatory Pokeball. Gotta catch ‘em all.

xmas-2013-tmntNote to self: think of clever TMNT theme song pun for this photo. Don’t forget. …shit.

New this year are my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ornaments. I posted a link to some DIY TMNT ornaments on Twitter a couple weeks ago and then promptly picked up some more ornaments at the dollar store to decorate. I was too cheap to buy ribbon and googly eyes, so I just painted them with acrylics I already had.

xmas-2013-ren-stimpyTen points if you can identify the source photo I ripped these off of.

When I was a wee lass, I made these Ren & Stimpy ornament things and hung them from my ceiling fan. They’re now on the Christmas tree and I’m too lazy to get rid of the super long ribbon they’re on. Meh!

xmas-2013-star-warsDarth Vader doesn’t seem so menacing in a Santa hat…

I picked up these three Star Wars ornaments at Target this year (seriously, Target has amazing ornaments. My city just got a Target over the summer and it’s been life-changing. Well, not really, but these ornaments are still freaking awesome).

xmas-2013-knight-riderUnfortunately, this ornament does not do the Feeny call.

Also new is the Knight Rider K.I.T.T. talking ornament I picked up at Hallmark a couple months back. My one regret in life is not picking up the DeLorean one from Hallmark last year.

xmas-2013-foodSongs about food? Ornaments based on food!

One thing that sort of fits within the site but not really: food. We talk about food a lot here, but usually expired cereals and canned Sailor Moon pasta. The pizza, fries, and hot dog ornaments were all from Modcloth, the egg and bacon is available on Modcloth but I picked this one up at Target for cheaper. I swear Target did not sponsor this post, but I’m not opposed to such blatant whoring.

xmas-2013-1983I left out the side with my birth weight done up fancy with a label gun. A gal has to keep some things private.

And what’s this? Aw, my first ornament from 1983. My mom didn’t want it on her tree anymore. Gee, thanks.

xmas-2013-tree-topper-mario-starMy tree is the party star!

The top of the tree features a Mario invincibility star. I made this by painting a dollar store star tree topper and adding eyes made of cardboard. Aw yeah. I also swear that this post was not sponsored by the dollar store, but I’m not opposed to that, either.

We’d love to see some of your retro and geeky ornaments and decorations, so be sure to share below or Tweet them to us at @PopRewindOnline!



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