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The Real Garfield Busters

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My Gameboy selection was always pretty limited.  I got the handheld brick in the early 90s and even today still only have five games for it.  Some time around 2000, one of those overpriced game stores in the mall *cough-all-of-them-cough* was clearing out some old Gameboy titles.  To that point, I thought I had played every Ghostbusters game that had been released… but I was wrong.


What was this?  A Ghostbusters game based on the animated show?  Nope, never heard of it.  Unfortunately, even on clearance, it was still too expensive for my monochromatic gaming tastes.  Years later, I discovered that it was basically a Crazy Castle game.  In Japan, it was Mickey Mouse characters, while the North American release simply got re-branded to be Ghostbusters.  Seriously, the character sprites were the only real difference within the game.

gbgarfieldImage: Ghostbusters Wiki

Hmm… Only Peter is on the box.  Where are the other guys?  Well, there’s a very good explanation for that.  You see, the European version was branded as Garfield.  The irony there is that Lorenzo Music voiced both Peter and Garfield in each of their respective animated series.  Nonetheless, the games were pretty much exactly the same: not very fun.


This clip from Rick and Morty pretty much sums up any Garfield/Ghostbusters coincidences.

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