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The Sailor Moons That Almost Were

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The DiC version of Sailor Moon that North America ended up with often comes under heavy criticism. From all that censoring, skipping entire episodes, and implementing some preachy “Sailor Says” crap, DiC didn’t exactly do a bang-up job with their dub. But it could have been worse… way worse.

We’re talkin’ serious MOON POWER!

When DiC did get the go-ahead with their dub, they sent out a promo video to pitch the anime to TV stations. The above video was sent out before DiC began any work on the series, as demonstrated by everyone’s names. Sailor Moon– the biggest thing since the moon landing. No joke.

Many of the live-action Sailor Moon shots are straight from a 1990s Noxema commercial.

Before DiC, a shady company called Toon Makers was going to take care of the English-language version of Sailor Moon. Toon Makers eschewed the dub route and wanted to re-make the series entirely: half animated (okay, half She-Ra Princess of Power) and yes, half live-action. To this date, the full 17-minute pilot has not been seen. The above clip is supposedly a company music video that was leaked and shown at a convention in 1998. This abomination does explain where the Sailor Moon logo we’re all familiar with came from, as well as where the whole Moon Cycle toy concept came from. I wonder if Toon Makers got a piece of that action? This Sailor Moon fansite has an amazing section on the Toon Makers version of the show if you’re looking to read more.

Does this make you thankful for the version we did get?

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