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Wayne’s World Roller Coaster

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What franchises come to mind when you think of movies that have been given an amusement park ride treatment?  Back to the FuturePeter PanE.T.Wayne’s World?

Wait, Wayne’s World?  Really?  No way!


The iconic sketch that started on Saturday Night Live was developed into a roller coaster based on the hit movies.  This is where you’re probably expecting a trademarked “NOT!” after a sentence, but this really happened.  In fact, it happened twice.

Where’s Garth?

In 1994, Hurler first took passengers at Carowinds (North Carolina) and Kings Dominion (Virginia) up to a thrilling 50mph.  The ride’s name is probably the most fitting ever for a massive wooden roller coaster.  According to an archived 1994 Baltimore Sun article, the area surrounding the ride was transformed to look like Wayne and Garth’s usual hangouts.  Features included Stan Mikita’s restaurant, the fantasy instruments on display in a gift shop, and, of course, the basement studio of Wayne’s World.  Party on!  And what experience would be complete without Wayne and Garth impersonators roaming the park?  Sh’yeah, that allegedly happened, too.

POV of the coaster layout

Despite the massive amount of photo opportunities, few pictures from the era seem to exist online.  After some Goog– err –super research, we found a few links to put you in the zone:

Photos of the Coaster – Roller Coaster DataBase
Mid-NO-Way – Pinterest
Basement Set and Restaurant – ipernity

The movie branding disappeared after Cedar Fair acquired former Paramount Parks.  Hurler still operates today at Kings Dominion and Carowinds, though the Wayne’s World references are mostly gone.  Guess we really weren’t worthy.

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  • It definitely existed, as I spent many a summer day at Kings Dominion. Right next to The Hurler was Stan Mikita’s.

  • 100% existed. I went to the one in NC a zillion times growing up. Was just telling a friend about it today and was guessing it didn’t exist anymore. I don’t remember people dressing up as Wayne and Garth walking around, but everything else is true. They had a ride called the “Screamweaver” and “The Hurler”. I was hoping to find the original videos that Mike Myers and Dana Carvey filmed just to keep people entertained in line, because they were pretty funny.

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