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Weird Al Songs to Woo Your Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us yet again. If you’ve waited until the last minute to plan a romantic evening with your partner, don’t worry because Pop Rewind has got you covered! Check out these “Weird Al” Yankovic Songs to Woo Your Valentine (and totally not get you relegated to sleeping on the couch for the rest of the week).

Airline Amy

Perhaps more of a flight attendant love going unrequited, but what lady out there can resist Al’s new mission: “Gotta get you in an upright locked position”.

Polka Your Eyes Out

Nothing says I love you like a polka medley. Or at least this one. Al gets a little more risque with the inclusion of Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”, Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance”, Divinyl’s “I Touch Myself”, and Bell Biv Devoe’s “Do Me Baby”. Things are heatin’ up in this polka!

You Make Me

Love makes us do crazy things. While we’ve never wanted to to the limbo or watch the Gong Show, we sure could go for a Slurpee at the mall.

Such A Groovy Guy

Undeniably, Weird Al is the grooviest guy out there, even beating Corey Hart to wearing sunglasses at night by six months. And if Linz loves anyone else more than she loves George Jetson and Rick Moranis, it’s Corey Hart (who is still not in NKOTB, LEE).

Good Enough for Now

For the partner in your life that’s… okay. You know, you’ve got this Valentine’s Day together, you might as well make the best of this by serenading them with this song and ordering some Pizza Hut.


Sometimes gals appreciate the guy making the first move… as long as that first move isn’t stalking or tattooing. But for those of you that are into that, here you go!

Wanna B Ur Lovr

Set the mood for a sexy night in with unending pick-up lines. This smooth song will for sure let your Valentine know how much you like them in the most annoying way possible.

If That Isn’t Love

Perhaps your partner isn’t someone new you’re looking to woo, perhaps you’re in an established relationship. “If That Isn’t Love” is a reminder to all those couples out there. These lines really resonate: “Every time I see you trying to lift some really heavy thing / You can always count on me to help by saying something encouraging”.

Whatever You Like

We get it, you’re in love and want to give that other person the world. But uh, you know, within reason. Let them know you’ll give them whatever they like… assuming there’s a coupon for it.


Things not working out so well with your significant other? Here’s a reminder song about all the problems that can arise from divorce. Maybe you’re better off.

My Baby’s In Love With Eddie Vedder

If you suspect your loved one might leave you for an early 90s rock singer, you might want to reference this song for the warning signs.

Confessions Part III

The best way to connect on a deeper level is to come clean and admit your mistakes. Even if that includes killing a goldfish and just replacing it with another one.

Isle Thing

There’s nothing better than meeting the person of your dreams who also likes Gilligan’s Island. This song describes the perfect date for any Nick at Nite fan.

She Never Told Me She Was A Mime

It only took us 20 years to get the joke for this song, which demonstrates the importance of being up front with your loved one.

Since You’ve Been Gone

Sometimes it takes a little distance in a relationship to appreciate just how bad you have it.

What Weird Al Yankovic songs help you in your love life? Let us know!

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