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“Weird Al” Yankovic: Mediocre Rarities?

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First, some background: Last Thursday, the track list of rarities for the long-awaited The Complete Works of “Weird Al” Yankovic (minus his Peter and the Wolf album) was released:

1. Take Me Down
2. My Bologna (Capitol)
3. Yoda (Demo)
4. Dr. Demento Jingle
5. Pac-Man
6. Dare to be Stupid (Instrumental)
7. Jurashiku Park
8. Headline News
9. Since You’ve Been Gone (Karaoke)
10. The Night Santa Went Crazy (Extra Gory)
11. Spy Hard
12. Lousy Haircut
13. Homer and Marge
14. The Brain Song
15. 30 Rock Theme
16. Super Duper Party Pony
17. Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye
18. Let the Pun Fit the Crime
19. Hey, Hey, We’re the Monks
20. Comedy Bang! Bang! Theme
21. It’s My World (And We’re All Living in It)
22. Happy Birthday (2017)

The information on the video says there’s 23 tracks. On the Weird Al message board, Weird Al’s drummer Bermuda teased of the 23rd song: “it’s not an Al song and was done with different players”. We are going to go on record and make a prediction that this is some type of collaboration with the band Sparks, based on cryptic information and a couple Instagram photos.

Now, being Weird Al fans that have collected and traded bootlegs for 20+ years (in fact, this is how we met), it was to be expected that we’d already have a few songs on Medium Rarities, but getting them in a better quality was a nice perk. The track listing, however… well, we’re a little underwhelmed as long time Yankovic enthusiasts. It’s been 20 years since “I’ll Repair For You” was performed. Can we finally get a decent copy? Also, this marks the fourth (yes, four for the hardcores) distinct version of “Happy Birthday” on a release.

We understand that Weird Al can’t release certain things for whatever reasons (sorry for getting so technical there), but if he could, here’s what our Medium Rarities track listing would look like:

School Cafeteria

School Cafeteria was one of Al’s first official releases, as a B-side to My Bologna. We’d still love for it to be included on an album, though!


This little ditty was from Square One TV, so you can learn AND listen to Weird Al at the same time. Linz still sings this. Often. Waaaaay too often.

I’ll Repair For You

Perhaps Lee’s favorite Weird Al song? He has been advocating for its release for many years. Al has a few “concert-only” songs that are only, you guessed it, performed in concert and not available anywhere else. Except for Weird Al tape-trading webrings and uh, YouTube.

Gee, I’m A Nerd

We both relate.

Laundry Day

Starting at 7:47 in the video above. A cleaned up version (and a full version, if one exists) would be perfect for all your trips to the laundromat.

Yoda live

And please: no Yoda Chant!


Avocados are so fucking good.

Ok, Pretty Much Everything from the 1985 Food Medley, Really

There will come a time in your life, too, where all you do is sing about food when the original songs come on the radio.

I Lost On Jeopardy (12″ mix)

Can’t get enough of losing on Jeopardy? Then this 12″ mix is for you!

Green Eggs And Ham

Straight from AlMusic 2 from MuchMusic in Canada. Extra points to those VJs licking Al’s face.

Placebo EP B-sides: Gotta Boogie and Mr. Frump In The Iron Lung

A double feature! These two were released on a 1981 EP from Placebo Records, but having them handy would be… well… handy.

It’s Still Billy Joel To Me

While Al did go on to release an official Billy Joel parody with Spiderman (instead of Piano Man) on 2003’s Poodle Hat, It’s Still Billy Joel to Me is his first foray into parodying the big BJ. This was recorded at Al’s home in 1980.

The Ballad of Kent Marlowe

For reasons Linz has never quite understood, Lee is obsessed with this one to the point of harassing the sister of someone who was in the movie to get a cleaned-up version of the song (it did not work). Our AOL messaging days were some dark times.

Snack All Night

Another great concert-only song. Even if we just get a medley of concert-only songs and not full songs, we’d still be okay with that.

Al’s Band

Wait, just kidding. We got this one already!

Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver is so unbelievably catchy, we almost wish we had back hair. Why did we just write that?

Chicken Pot Pie

The clucking gets us every time.

Free Delivery

Don’t you just hate when places charge for delivery? We just wanted some jalapeno poppers and didn’t want to put pants on. Cut us some slack.

I’m In Love with the Skipper

Well, he is my little buddy…

Orgy On My Own

This 1981 tune was impossible to find up until a couple years ago when someone finally uploaded it to YouTube. Neither of us had even heard it before then, and that’s saying something. It’s pretty risque in terms of the rest of Al’s body of work. Being that it’s one of his rarest songs, it would have been a nice inclusion on Medium Rarities.

Nobody Here But Us Frogs

The absurdity of this one made Nobody Here But Us Frogs one of Linz’s favorite unreleased Al tunes.

Honorable Mention:

No, it’s not Weird Al, but we’re dying for a Das Boot parody.

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