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What Demolition Man Got Right About the Future

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With all the focus these days on what Back to the Future Part II got right about the year 2015, perhaps it’s time we start examining other futuristic movie predictions.  Demolition Man, released in 1993, stars Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes as two enemies in 1996 who were frozen and thawed out to finish battle in the year 2032.

When they awake in the future, each man takes their own path of discovering how the world has changed since they left it.

Every Restaurant is Taco Bell

Yes, it’s true!  Just as the movie predicted, every restaurant has already been converted to a Taco Bell!  Can you believe that just a few years ago, we were still eating at Burger King and independent bagel shops?  Not anymore.  Just thinking about it has me craving a bean burrito.  Good thing I can drive in to town and have my choice of twenty different Taco Bell locations.

That’s all for now.  Join us next time on PopRewind.com when we take a look back on what Mega Man games got right about the year 200x.

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