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6 Things You Didn’t Know about The Nanny

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I don’t try to hide it—I’m a huge fan of The Nanny. Like, obscenely. As in, there is nothing inherently wrong with me, yet I love The Nanny way too much for a person of stable mind. Today I’d like to bring to you a little Nanny trivia so that you may embrace the sexual tension that is Nanny Fine and Mr. Sheffield. Or as I like to call it—magic.

6 – Lauren Lane, the actress who played C.C. (or Chastity Claire as it’s revealed on the last episode of the series) was pregnant throughout the fifth season.


In season 5, episode 7 “Mommy and Mai”, it is acknowledged through C.C. that the actress is pregnant: “I can’t believe what they get away with on TV these days. I was watching this rerun of Seinfeld, and Elaine must have been, I don’t know, 12 months pregnant, and they didn’t even acknowledge it, they just kept hiding her behind these huge props.”

5 – Maxwell Sheffield’s middle name is Beverly.


He’s British, so he has to have some weird name, right?

4 – Because it was the 90s, several The Nanny dolls were manufactured.


And yes, she talked.

3 – The Nanny attempted to create a spin-off series based on the second-last episode of the second season called “The Chatterbox”.


The Chatterbox, Fran’s favorite beauty parlor that had never been mentioned on the show prior to this episode, was the central plot and introduced characters we’d never seen before and consequently never saw again.

2 – In The Chatterbox, the actor J.D. Daniels that played Jack Walker in season one’s “When You Pish Upon a Star” played Mimo, one of the main character’s sons.


I guess they got a good deal on that kid actor?

1 – C.C. Babcock’s dog Chester on the show was actually Fran Drescher’s dog in real life.

Drescher, Fran

Fran Drescher’s beloved Pomeranian Chester Dresher played the part of C.C. Babcock’s dog of the same name (minus the last name). Chester lived a long life, 1982-2000 which made him 18 or 126 in dog years. Or 252 in “having to live with Fran Drescher” years. Drescher had Chester cremated after his passing and keeps his ashes in a ceramic box on a black marble countertop in her kitchen, surrounded by pictures and candles.

Did any of these Nanny facts surprise you? Are you a fan? Is it one of your guilty pleasures? Leave us a comment below!


  • HI im a fan of the nanny I’m wondering would it be to much to ask for more episodes or at least an update on how every one is sort of like a reunion

  • Thanks for the info. It brought back fond memories of an innocent time. I still watch the show on ‘re runs and it’s nice to be transported back in time when life was simple
    That’s why I love it. Rob.

  • I just love Niles and CC in the show. It was truly a wonderful series. I wish they bring the show back. Thank you for the laughs I get from it. Love to all … Kay

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