Lee and Linz are your tour guides taking you on an awesome journey through 80s and 90s pop culture. Join in on the fun and relive the memories from yesteryear with new nostalgia every day!

Pop Rewind: We’ll take you back!

Behind the Nostalgia:

leebio1 Lee grew up in the 80s, and in the 90s pretending that it was the 80s. His not-so-secret affinity for Wikipedia, forgotten rock bands, old cartoons, Back to the Future, and roller coasters has led Lee to a fulfilling life of minute trivia. Sometimes, he gets around to sharing his knowledge of pop culture, writing about his Obsessions of the Day (all too plentiful), Junk Piles (also plentiful), and other random lists featuring the likes of obscure video game characters, Ghostbusters, DeLoreans, Dr. Pepper Gum, and other quality pieces of nostalgia. In addition to slacking off, Lee likes to eat mashed potatoes and play guitar. He also likes to pretend he is pithy on Twitter.
linzbio1 Linz is “Canadian”. Her pale complexion suits her hair of indescribable colors well. She enjoys making endless jokes about E.T. for Atari, fawning over Conan O’Brien and Rick Moranis, and aspiring to become Jem (although Stormer + Kimber = OTP). Linz is a Virgo who enjoys Diet Pepsi and copious amounts of Kraft Dinner. In her spare time, she buys back her childhood of the 80s and 90s from the thrift store and hoards classic video games like consoles still matter. Like Lee, Linz is also a big fan of messing around on Twitter.


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