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Pop Rewind Podcast: Obscure Television Shows

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You guys, it’s a weird one. Buckle up while Linz tries to explain this: we’re talking about TV shows that we watched that NO ONE else did. Just stuff that either didn’t appeal to our peers so they never gave it a chance (giving us no one to discuss these works of art with) or television shows on at odd hours that only social outcasts such as ourselves could truly appreciate. Join us on a journey of terrible and also really good TV. Most of all, be sure to tell us if you’ve seen any of these shows and what you thought of them. AND!!! If you have any obscure television show suggestions for us, let us know.

Heck, it’s even on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher!

Mentioned in this Episode:

Linz’s List:

Forever Knight / Nick Knight

Nick Knight, the made-for-TV-movie-pilot for Forever Knight. Read more about it here!

But since we’re talking about TV shows, here’s some Forever Knight:

Dog House

Dog House is just as bad as you imagine it to be.

Of course, the Billy Madison cameo:

Let The Blood Run Free

The Australian soap opera parody that took place in a hospital is so worth watching. Binge this, for real.

Genesis StoryTime

While no video footage of Genesis StoryTime has been found, you can read this riveting article Linz wrote about it a few years back.

Boogie’s Diner

The only bit of Boogie’s Diner we can find is this clip from what might be a fetish YouTube channel dubbed in a language that is not English.

That’s really creepy…

So instead, here’s a video of James Marsden doing an A++ impression of Garth Brooks. We await your Chris Gaines follow-up impression, Marsden.

Lee’s List:

Frank Leaves for the Orient

Lee Leaves for Japan, oops, we mean, Frank Leaves for the Orient, was a weird Comedy Central Show. Did you see it? Lee would like to speak with you.

The New Monkees

We’re still looking for a copy of “Clone of My Own”, because of course we are. Hit us up if you have one!


This television show was not protected by Viper because its ass got canned.

Clarissa Now

Treat yourself and binge the whole episode of Clarissa Now!

Flash Forward

If you only know Jewel Staite from Firefly, do yourself a favor and check out Flash Forward! Just maybe don’t mention it to Jewel.

Science Court

It’s probably too late for any of us to learn science, but if you have some kids, introduce them to Science Court to learn them some booksmarts.

Most Importantly: Check It Out!

Hello shoppers and welcome to Cobb’s! If you like Don Adams, you’ll love Check It Out. If you’re curious why Lee and Linz are friends, please refer yourself to Viker, aka Gordon Clapp.


Linz has been reading, and loving, the book Retro TV Lover Presents All the Single Girls, a book by Jeanine Furino!: All The Single Girls. You can check her out on Twitter at @RetroTV_Nerd!

Lee’s obsession with Gameboy Camera FUNtography is next level.


Are you guys hoarders? What do you do with your stuff? Be sure to hit us up on Twitter at @PopRewindOnline with #TeamLinz if you don’t want Linz to open her amiibo
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  • Such a good episode!

    I don’t remember a lot of these, but completely remember watching reruns of Check it out back in the 90’s as a kid. Did a google search to see if I could find some episodes to re-watch it and it freaked me out a bit as I noticed that the first episode air date back in 1985 was the day I was born. WTF are the odds right!

    As for the poll – yes! I store it in my basement for the most part. A lot of it is vintage video games and hockey cards (which is awesome because it doesn’t take up too much space).

  • Members of The New Monkees would go on to record an arena rock album in the 90s as th band Tower City. It’s reslly good if you’re into 80s rock.

  • Fun episode. Since there was so many Canadian shows, I was hoping you’d mention “15”.

    I did a similar post on my site called Nearly Forgotten TV Shows. Check it out for five of my favorite obscure shows:


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